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Our Workshop

Klavierhaus’ workshop is one of the few remaining in the world where the art of piano crafting is still practiced without compromise. Our pianos resonate with lyrical qualities inspired by the expressive instruments produced by master piano makers in the 1900s.

We specialize in the rebuilding and restoration of New York and Hamburg pianos and other fine European brands, as well as art-case pianos. Our workshop is dedicated to work on the instruments of music lovers, theatres, concert halls and private customers. 

Ng Stelth


Thank you again for your wonderful work on my Steinway. The more I play it, the happier I am and am excited to do recording sessions on it. My mother and sister also agree it sounds beautiful, thanks to your work on it.

The Rex Hotel

Jazz & Blues Bar

Whether it be successfully restoring structural components or a quick tuning – Akos has always made himself available for work, even with our crazy schedule of 80 shows per month, and has stuck to any deadlines and quotations we have agreed upon. 

John Welsman

Composer / Producer

The skill and craftsmanship you bring to your work is clearly evident in the results. In a day and age when there are few enough craftsmen around, it’s comforting to know someone of your abilities is available for cherished instruments like ours. 

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